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About Us

Beck Farms
Beck Farms

Beck Farms is a 7th generation family farm located between Archbold and Pettisville, Ohio 30 miles west of Toledo, Ohio. The farm operates in Fulton, Williams, and Henry County, Ohio. Historically the farm has also operated in Defiance County, Ohio and Lenawee County, Michigan. 

At Beck Farms, we are devoted to excellence in raising grain and being good stewards of our natural resources.  In addition to raising corn, soybeans, and wheat for commercial uses, we specialize in growing identity preserved grains and soybeans for seed and other identity preserved markets. We also produce grass and alfalfa hay, for horse and livestock consumption, and straw in various bale sizes.


We strive to maintain excellent relationships with landowners, employ the latest technologies and research in agriculture, and ultimately create value for both our business and the individuals and families that we rent from in an environmentally sustainable way.

This strategy can be summarized in four points:

1. Yield Improvements: The adaptive culture of Beck Farms allows the farm to employ the latest technologies and techniques in grain farming. We are also able to invest financially into the land to maintain or achieve critical nutrient and PH levels that allow for optimum crop growth. The resulting higher yields improve asset valuation.

2. Subterranean Drainage (Field Tile): It is a well documented fact that good drainage vastly improves the productivity of land and leads to higher valuation. Our farm is able to offer a unique opportunity to landowners of poorly drained soils because we design and install tile systems in addition to farming.  This gives landowners the opportunity to improve the rent their asset demands, and its overall worth, without having to make the large upfront investment.

3. Competitive Rent: Rent prices are often a concern for land owners. Beck Farms is proud to offer very competitive rent prices, in addition to periodic renegotiations so that the land owner’s return reflects the current farming market. If one thing is clear, it is that neither farmers nor land owners benefit when a farm continuously changes operators, therefore we strive to create a relationship of trust and consistent fairness.

4. Preserve your Asset: Beck Farms continuously strives to conserve the fertility of the land we farm by utilizing the latest technologies available including grid soil testing and analysis, GPS controlled fertilizer and lime spreading, mulch tillage, no-till, and GPS controlled field traffic to reduce compaction and enhance drainage. Conserving the fertility of the land protects the asset from devaluation for the land owner.

T D Beck Trucking, LLC
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T D Beck Trucking is a family owned and operated company founded in 2006. We provide transportation services to our commercial agriculture, construction, and manufacturing customers using 30+ power units to haul a variety of commodities and products. Because of our size, we are able to offer flexibility and consistency while maintaining the high level of service and first name basis of a small company for both our customers and our employees.

T D Beck operates regularly throughout the Midwest, Eastern and Southeastern United States. We offers van, hopper, and end dump services with the options of tailgate delivery using power pallet jacks and high-sided hoppers with vibrators on an as needed basis.

Environment & Sustainability

Beck Farms holds to the biblical view of man being placed as a care taker of creation. We strive to ensure that we are operating our farm in a way that is not only sustainable, but also improves our environment. We realize that at times this reduces our return on investment and creates additional work, but we believe that "[o]ur stewardship under God implies that we are morally accountable to him for treating creation in a manner that best serves the objectives of the kingdom of God..." (A Biblical Perspective on Environmental Stewardship, Acton Institute). 

A few examples of our commitment to environmentally friendly practices include:

  • Participation in Ohio State University studies on water quality as it relates to algae blooms in Lake Erie

  • Participation in Natural Resources Conservation Service Programs to reduce erosion

  • Participation in Conservation Reserve Programs to reduce erosion and improve water quality

  • Variable rate fertilizer applications & grid based soil sampling to reduce over fertilization and improve water quality

  • Weed control using multiple modes of action to reduce over use of pesticides and genetic resistance

  • Minimal & no-till practices to reduce erosion and compaction and increase water infiltration to improve water quality

  • Fertilizer incorporation to reduce fertilizer runoff and improve water quality​

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