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High Calcium Ag Lime

Call for Pricing

Pricing is dependent on logistical costs and ranges from $22-29/Ton. Order ahead & save!

In a quest to improve the soil structure on some of our stickier clay farms we are now sourcing ultra-high calcium, low magnesium lime from central Indiana. This product is dry, uniform, and spreads well.


In addition to correcting PH in acidic soils, this lime's high calcium content builds up the base saturation of calcium--increasing the average particle size of the soil and improving compaction, soil structure, and crusting. Additionally, calcium base saturations below 60% have been shown to reduce the uptake of nitrogen in plants.

The low magnesium levels of this lime also prevent a build up of the magnesium base saturation. While some magnesium is needed for proper plant growth, many of the clay soils of Northwest Ohio have an over abundance. The small-particled element is associated with sticky, crusty soils and contributes to compaction. Studies have also shown that too much Mg limits the availability of potassium, and magnesium base saturations above 12% will reduce how efficiently plants can utilize nitrogen fertilizers.

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