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Winter Projects

February 2017

This time of year we are often asked what we are doing with all our free time. It usually sounds something like: "So, what exactly do you do this time of the year?" or "What do you do with all your down time over winter?".  I think this goes back to a day when farming was more seasonal, overhead costs were low, and winter offered relief from the fast pace of the farm life.

Although winter does still offer us a change of pace and a few more moments to slow down, in a world of high overhead costs and low margins farms realize the importance of maintaining  a high level of productivity and revenue generation even through the winters. This looks different at each individual farm as they cut out niches for themselves, but this is a little taste of how it looks for us. We would like to assure you we are not sleeping on the job, even in the winter...






1--It takes over 1000 horses to pull in an outlet tile to reclaim drainage tile cut off by the Nexus Pipeline.

2--The excavator demos and piles an old barn foundation to be used to reinforce eroding ditch banks.

3--The snow removal operation.

4--The bobcat's grapple works nicely to cleanup brush or cement left by the excavator.

5--A freshly trimmed treeline that had grown 20' into a field.

6--Tile installed as part of a long term lease to improve fertility.

7--The excavator after trimming a treeline.

8--109 found a woodchuck hole while dumping concrete to reinforce eroding ditch banks.





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